When only the best will do

When only the best will do

Being successful in business has its rewards but also its challenges. When you want to have the best but cannot get it locally you have to import it and that was something that Gapuma has helped one businessman do in Ghana over the last couple of years.

Mercedes – The first request was for a Mercedes. But not something that could be sourced from the local distributor. Start with a Mercedes AMG G Wagon and then let BRABUS tune and modify the car to the customer’s satisfaction. Gapuma found a base car that conformed to the basic colour and engine the car was purchased, spec’ed and delivered for the client with Gapuma handling all the paperwork and logistics. Satisfied client? Well … he ordered another one – almost the same!

Rolls Royce – When there isn’t even a dealer in the country you are not even going to have a showroom visit. You know what you want, and the only concern is getting your demands met and shipped to you.

The client wanted a top specification, limited edition, Rolls Royce Phantom, to a particular specification. The client instructed Gapuma to source the vehicle, to the exacting specification, organise shipment and delivery to Ghana. Gapuma handled the discussions with the factory, going on to physically ‘approve’ the car before the final purchase. The car was shipped with Gapuma ensuring the vehicle arrived safely.

There will be ongoing challenges to ownership – shipping the car back securely to the UK for servicing or flying Rolls Royce technicians to the country to perform the service will be all part of the ongoing focus on ensuring the client has what they want. When only the best will do!