Product Groups

We are your sourcing and logistics partner. We source an extensive range of products, for a cross section of industries. We source exactly what the client needs. We address all logistical matters. We ensure correct documentation is raised and approved. Finally, we ensure that the client understands the financial position, in a clear and transparent manner. 

We can supply, in:


  • Methanol, Ethanol and other chemicals in parcels of 1,000 metric tonnes up to full ship charters for world-wide supply
  • Agriculture – Wheat, Barley, Corn in parcels of 1,000 metric tonnes for the European food manufacturing market 

Full containers

  • We can arrange for shipping in ISO tanks, flexitanks, various sized drums to your specification dependent, of course, to the safety requirements of the goods ordered

Mixed containers

  • For multiple product requirements, which may constitute less than a full container, Gapuma will manage the shipment in one container to minimize your costs
  • By understanding your planned product requirements, Gapuma can plan your future order delivery in a concise and efficient manner

Local call off:

  • If your needs are variable and you do not want to order larger quantities of products, Gapuma can plan to hold stock locally, allowing you to call-off stock as and when it is required, to suit your production needs.