Gapuma worked with us over several years, initially to formulate and help certify a liquid fertiliser that would help the cocoa growers in Ghana improve their yield and since then ensuring that we have a consistent supply to distribute to our customers.

Ghana fertiliser distributor


By supporting our company through the depressed international oil price and showing real commitment to our business, Gapuma has been a real business partner in helping us win service contracts with National and International Oil companies.

Nigerian Oil Industry Service provider


We have worked with Gapuma since 2012 when they supported our business to acquire and then distribute potable ethanol from India into the Middle East and Africa. Their commitment in supporting our supply chain has been, and continues to be, essential.

Indian ethanol distribution business


Gapuma’s resolve and resilience as a British company in French speaking Africa is to be admired. Many have tried and many have withdrawn after a period of months. (We are now in our fourth year.)

British shipping and logistics Company and Nigerian construction company


We now have better quality products and a much improved manufacturing process thanks to Gapuma. The on time/in time supply of quality ingredients has helped transform the products and continuity of service we offer to our customers.

Cote D’Ivoire paint manufacturer