Because it’s worth it!

Because it’s worth it!

When a West African cosmetic manufacturer wanted to be region’s answer to a major French global brand there were many challenges to overcome.

They need reliable high quality ingredients for their manufacturing process including solvents and alcohols as their key building blocks and dispersal agents.

Buying 1,800,000 litres of ethanol a year (as well as several other chemicals including: MONO PROPYLENE GLYCOL (technical grade), Isopropyl alcohol and Acetone) required a sound logistics as well an ability to work with the client to reach a financial solution that met both supplier and client needs.

In addition, maintaining a buffer stock of chemicals in a warehouse local to them enabled flexibility and continued manufacture.

Given the hazardous and restricted nature of these chemicals clarity of export and import regulations is key to ensure that all parties are compliant with laws and regulations.

Helping businesses in West Africa expand internationally to compete head-on with global brands … it is worth it!