Availability… what you need when you need it!

Availability… what you need when you need it!

Gapuma has worked with many clients in the extractive industries sector over the years. The consistent findings in all these relationships is the need to deliver quality
chemicals when they are required. This is paramount. Productions stoppages are expensive as is obtaining emergency replacement chemicals.

Working with an Oilfield Service supply company Gapuma has consistently provided a wide suite of necessary chemicals for use by National and International Oil Companies enabling the client to service the customers through value added services as well as resale.

In an industry sector renowned for its own operational delays, lengthy funding partnerships and profit sharing arrangements are common place, which is where the commitment that Gapuma has to its clients is demonstrated and tested.

This approach has also provided certainty of supply and reduced the length of the supply chain for the customer. Because of the stock holding capability, Gapuma has also been able to supply, at fair price, emergency stock when other businesses have been let down through supply chain, quality or clearance issues.

To Gapuma ‘Availability’ means ensuring the client has what the client needs, when the client needs it!!