Warehousing, Logistics & Distribution

Warehousing, Logistics & Distribution

In West Africa we can offer the opportunity to ensure that you have a local availability of key products. Our warehouse operations can maintain a secure level of stock for you to draw on when you need it and to pay locally as you use it.

This flexibility allows you to manage your production and maintain availability through shipping time that may delay your normal supply of materials. Gapuma staff work diligently to offer a reliable logistics service. With core values focused on complete customer satisfaction, we aim to give the highest standard of service. We will never impose our systems on you but rather tailor our service provision to your specific needs.



We will let you know as soon as we can when your order will be shipped. This sounds simple but there are stages:

  • Your product may need to be manufactured
  • The supplier will need to load and move the product to the port
  • The ship may be a while in arriving (and leaving)
  • The ship may stop on route to your port
  • Your container may change ships

We will keep you informed when we know where your order is – we are often reliant on others although you can track ships around the world once you know the name of the vessel it is on.

We will let you know as soon as we have an estimated time of arrival for your order.

We will always try and get the documents you need to clear the cargoes to you in good time.

It does take an average of three working days for the final physical documents to leave our offices in London and make their way to you.